Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Monday- Breakfast
Bagel with apple/peanut butter sandwiches

AM snack cheddar cheese and crackers

Lunch Homemade pizza, green beans, and milk

PM snack goldfish and peaches

Dinner BBQ chicken packets, corn, and french bread

Tuesday- Breakfast
Breakfast wrap, pears, and milk

AM Snack Grapes and cinnamon toast

Lunch homemade chicken fingers, biscuit, applesauce, side salad, and milk

PM snack Banana peanut butter wrap

Dinner Crockpot Tortellini, texas toast, and caesar salad

Wednesday- Breakfast
Pancakes, blueberries, and milk

AM snack bagel w/cheese

Lunch PB&J, mozz. stick, broccoli, carrots, and milk

PM snack Cheese Quesadilla

Dinner Chicken Stirfry and rice

Thursday- Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs, orange juice, and wheat toast

AM snack yogurt and crackers

Lunch tacos, green beans and milk

PM snack apples and peanut butter

Dinner Mexican Casserole with garden salad

Friday- Breakfast
Kix, banana, and milk

AM snack applesauce and graham crackers

Lunch homemade mac and cheese, peas, peaches, and milk

PM snack cheese and crackers

Dinner Gravy Chicken, steamed rice, green beans and stuffing

Saturday night dinner
Grilled Sausage Hoagies and tomato salad toss

Nana's house!!

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