Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fitness Friday!

Because I am a real housewife and a stay at home mom I don't have the luxury of having two nannies to watch my three children while I go to the gym. So I am always looking for interesting workouts to do at home. I do get bored quick with workout videos and motivation is hard while I am doing it so when I saw the new Wii Your Shape I thought it would be perfect. It was!! I love it!! It is very motivating because you can see your percentage go up and down based on your performance plus Jenny McCarthy gives you motivation (sometimes annoying) to keep going if you stop. I worked out today and burn 458cal in a half hour session. There is a count down clock that lets you know how much longer and also short breaks between different sets of exercises. This is nice because its give you about 30 seconds to get a sip of water but doesn't let your heart rate go down to much.
I included my hand weights today and just purchased a balance ball to incorporate sometimes. All you do is choose you accessory before the workout and the game incorporates it in a few of the exercises. The options are balance ball, hand weights and step board. I don't have a step board but hope to get one soon so I can see what Jenny does with that!
I love the variation. As you continue the workouts, new ones unlock. Every couple of days a something new pops into the routine. Its nice because I haven't gotten bored yet. Plus the routines are never the same, they are all put together a bit different.
I will say the only down fall is I am having trouble with it picking up some of my floor work. I am going to try a colored mat next time to see if that makes a difference. Other than that I have no issues and really love my results so far. I have lost some baby weight and really toned up. Maybe one day I will be brave and post my before and after....or maybe not :)

Oh another great thing is you can change the amount you want to work out. Sometimes I only have 15 minutes while the kids are eating snack or I get ambisous and wake up extra early to do 30 minutes. There is a workout calender all ready set up for you but you can always modify it if you dont have time or have extra time than what is recommended. There is an option to do 45 minutes but the 30 minutes kick my butt so bad right now I have not dared to try 45!!!

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