Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm going to the OPRAH Show!!

No no no I am not going to tell some huge family secret or find a way to better my marriage, I am just sitting in the audience :)

So after watching Oprah for years....when I mean years, I mean YEARS! I finally have the OPRAHtunity to see her in person!!!! I obtained tickets through her website when the reservation window was open. I will be attending with my mother, whom introduced me to Oprah during her daily afternoon quiet times. We (her children) would do a quiet activity while my mother sat with her tea and watched one of her most inspiring people. I have passed this tradition with Oprah down to my own children. I am child focused (being a stay at home mother with three children there is not a lot of "me" time) until 4 pm when my younger boys take a nap and my 5 year old does a quiet project or works on her preschool workbook. This time I make some tea, sit in my recliner, and watch. I did just start watching a child part time so my Oprah will have to DVRed three days a week but no problem :) Soooo I am super excited about the show and really can not wait to get away for a couple days and see the legend in person (with a couple hundred people in the audience of course). I am really just hoping for a really cool guest or fun show. I hope its not a clip show or something too serious. We planning on hitting up Chicago eateries and shopping afterwards so a downer show would not be a great start to the day. But overall I am just excited to be involved in Oprah's last season!!

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