Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So I have a guilty pleasure (which based on the on pour of these shows, there is a lot of people with this pleasure) reality tv! The concept is intriguing. Virtually unknown people are thrown on tv and the producers can make them into a character and we are feed that its reality. Obviously we all know that most of the situations are staged and fabricated for audience enjoyment (or obsession). My current "can miss" show is the "Plastic, oh I mean, Real Housewives of ....." series on Bravo TV. The Orange County cast is on right now and yes I DVR my shows every tuesday night but I am going to tell you how a REAL HOUSEWIFE is living especially in this economy situation. I will tell you how I get through the day with three children, 5 years and under, middle class income, and dreams of more for less. Welcome to my life........

I LOVE Mochas! They are sweet but still give me the caffine boost I love. But....I run a home daycare and live in the country so driving to get one or spending the money is not really in my daily plans. So I decided to make my own using coffee from the pot I make every morning for my husband and I.

Chocolate Syrup
cool whip....

add your own proportions and enjoy!
Taste just as good as Tim Hortons and its easy and cheap!

What do you beverages do you make at home that is just as good as store bought? I would love some new ideas :)

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