Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 3: Remove and Sort (Bedroom)

So my therapist says that I have attention deficit disorder and I thought he was just making excuses for my lack of motivation to finish things, or many degree programs I have started and switched but I am actually starting to think that it may be true! Instead of doing the 15 minutes in my room I went shopping last night. I did need clothes....I swear! I am totally between sizes but reallly......where am I going to put them...have you seen my closet! I totally do things that really drive myself nuts sometimes.

So our plan today is to remove and sort.....eeekkkk I need to remove everything to a separate room which not sure how that is going to work but maybe to the hallway. I will separate into piles KEEP (hanger), KEEP (drawer), DONATE, STORAGE, TOSS

this room scares me a bit and will take a bit of time so I am going to give 45 minutes today, probably after hubby gets home. I will post pictures later......wish me luck....

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