Monday, February 8, 2010

stomach bug puts holt on organizing.....

sick kids and sick me has put a damper in my organizing. Nasty stomach bug has hit my house starting last Thursday and still lingers so I haven't updated anything or posted pictures. I did put up the laundry sorter which looks great. How crazy how something sooo easy makes such a different in a spot. Have gotten the kids into sorting their laundry in the different areas instead of just throwing it on the floor....they really like it. Might get one for their room....hmmm I like that idea...maybe one for each of our rooms :)
OK baby N is sicky sick and needs mommy time.....

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  1. The laundry sorter has changed my life too! Did you get one where a full section=1 load in the washer? It's so much easier to just throw a load in when everything is already sorted!

    I also keep a small basket in the kitchen just for towels/rags. It keeps them seperate and an obvious place when they are too dirty to keep around.